Saturday, 24 November 2012


Name: Hanna Christina Lovisa Mårtensson Östlundh 
Age: 14 years
From: Bellvik, Sweden
D.O.B.: 10th July 1998
Hair Colour: Naturally brown 
Eye Colour: Blue and green
Siblings: 1 - Norton (7)
Parents: My mom (Laila 37) and my dad (Anders 50).
Favourite colour: Green
Best friend(s): Lisa Rönnberg (13), Nathalie Garefelt (13), Wilma Brantholm (14) and Rebeckah Söderqvist (15).
Relationship status: Singel
Can play: Guitar
Top 5… Songs to get ready to:
1) Over Again - One Direction
2) Beauty and Beat - Justin Bieber
3) Payphone - Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa
4) Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
5) I Cry - Flo Rida
Pet(s): My dogs Ullmer (8) and Arro (1½)
Hobbies: Play guitar, hang out with friends, paint, music
Nicest thing about me (According to me): I'm my self, I'm telling the trout, I'm nice ;) 
Worst Habit (According to me): Farting (“Oops, sorry.”), bad language (fuck, nigga), tear up old wounds, stay up all night. 
Special Skill: Playing guitar
Celebrity Crush: Niall Horan and Taylor Lautner 
My one wish is: To hang out with  One Direction!
Ideal boyfriend trait(s): Good humour, nice person, good appitite
Ideal superpower: Superhuman strength
Favourite ever song: 
Favourite Film: The Expendables 1 and 2
Favourite Food: Italian, Chinese and Moose Tenderloin with Blue Cheese and Bacon. 
Pet hate: Horses
Fear(s): Walking alone in the dark without music, lose a best friend
Shoe Size: 5½ or 6
Well known Quotes:
  • “I want to live forever! I want to learn how to fly – high!”
  • “We’re the four best friends!”
  • “Red bull doesnt give ya wings; it just makes ya sick.” 
  • “Dude, do you got some food?“
  • Don't like me, god.. Cuz i don't give a fuck.
  • Me  celebrity crush is Niall Horan, who also is my idol.
  • My favourite band is One Direction.
  • My favourite artist is Justin Bieber.
  • I love being myself.
  • I have a very bad language.
  • I love to sing even if I'm not good at it.
  • I know all One Direction songs.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Mini .........
Favourite grooming product: D:fi Extreme Cream (wax) and Schwarzkopf Osis Dust it
Pajamas? nightdress


Idag är det storstädning av huset såhär inför jul. 
Jag hör hur mamma ropar inifrån Nortons rum "Lovisa!!"
Jag går dit och frågar var hon vill. Då visar det sej att hon har hittat mitt gamla munspel. Och så har hon mage att fråga om det ska slängas. 
Svaret hon fick var ju självklart NEJ!!

Gud, man kan ju inte bara kasta bort någonting som bokstavligen har räddat mitt liv!! 

Bild från 2008, året före (?) då det var så fruktansvärt mycket björn i Bellvik.

Beautiful Song!

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